Police Budget

The PCC holds a shared responsibility with the Chief Constable for providing effective financial and budget planning for the short, medium and longer term.  In consultation with the Chief Constable, the PCC is required to set a budget for the forthcoming year.

2015-16 Budget & Policing Precept

Information about the total police budget for 2015-16 can be found in the following links:

Revenue and Capital Budget 2016-17 Decision to be published February 2016.

Revenue and Capital Budget 2015-16 Decision

Chief Constable's Operational Delivery Budget
- Statement of Accounts 2014/2015
- Treasury Management Strategy 2015/2016
- Budget Decision 2015/2016
- Budget Decision 2016/2017
- Budget Monitoring Reports 2016/17 click here and here (or see the Decisions page on the official OPCC website)

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner's Budget

The Commissioner sought the views of Lancashire taxpayers regarding the 2016-17 police precept (the amount you pay for policing in your Council Tax).  The majority of respondents supported a prudent increase of 1.99%.  The precept proposal was supported by members of the Lancashire Police & Crime Panel at their meeting on 25th January 2016.  This means that local taxpayers will pay an additional £162.22 for policing per year per household (for a Band D property).

Further information about how the policing element of your Council Tax will be spent in 2016-17 can be found on the following link:

Police & Crime Commissioner for Lancashire Council Tax Leaflet

2015-16 Budget & Policing Precept

2014-15 Budget & Policing Precept

2013-14 Budget & Policing Precept