Candidate Information and Familiarisation Events

Candidate Briefings

The Home Office has published the following briefings for PCC candidates.

Candidate briefing 2016: PCC roles and responsibilities

Candidate briefing 2016: National policy and strategy

Candidate briefing 2016: Working with others within your force area

Candidate briefing 2016: Working beyond your force area

Familiarisation events

Familiarisation events will take place on the following days at the Police Headquarters in Hutton:

15 April 2016 - 10am to 1.30pm
22 April 2016 - 10am to 1.30pm


 9.45am to 10am  Coffee
 10am to 11am  OPCC presentation
 11am to 11.15am  Break
 11.15am to 12.15pm  Constabulary presentation
 12.15am - 12.45pm  Lunch
 12.45am - 1.30pm  Q&A with Chief Constable

If you would like to attend please inform the office by 12 noon, 13 April 2016 by contacting Jane Pearson or call on 01772 533587.

Guidance documents

A guide to Restorative Justice for Police and Crime Commissioner candidates

Candidate questions

If any prospective candidate would like further information, which is not subject to restricted access, please contact Jane Pearson, Senior Administration Officer, Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Lancashire.

Please note, that in the interests of fairness and transparency and in line with national guidance, information requested by candidates will be published online to all candidates in the Candidates Questions section.

Prospective candidates who would like to discuss the role and responsibilities of the OPCC with Angela Harrison, Director, should make this request in writing to Jane Pearson as above.

All enquiries, requests for information or meetings, should be directed through the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and not via the Constabulary.

Enquiries relating to the electoral process should be directed to the Police Area Returning Officer for the election, Mr Harry Catherall.  The Returning Officer is independent from the PCC and has the responsibility for the administration of the election process.  Blackburn with Darwen contact details for electoral matters are 01254 585920.

A dedicated web page on the Electoral Commission website provides information on the roles and responsibilities of Returning Officer.

Please find a link to the recent candidates and agents' briefing presentation: PCC-Briefing-for-candidates-and-agents BwD 2016.1.0

Pre and Post Election Guidance

Further guidance relating to the conduct and management of professional bodies involved in the pre and post election process can be found through the following links:-